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donne incontri novara La segatrice a nastro verticale semi-automatica KASTOvertical di annunci gratis donna cerca uomo incontri adulti milano KASTO rappresenta la soluzione più indicata per le aziende impegnate nella costruzione di utensili, nella trasformazione dell’acciaio e nelle lavorazioni speciali. La possibilità di effettuare tagli longitudinali permette di segare materiali sia quadrati che piatti, con diverse sezioni ricavate da piccoli blocchi arrotolati o da piatti laminati.

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siti di incontri occasionali An Austrian family-owned develops, manufactures and sells solutions for managing torsional vibrations in large diesel and gas engines. Its product range includes torsionally and resiliently flexible couplings and torsional vibration dampers made of steel and composite fibre materials. They are used in ship propulsion systems, power plant generators, bulldozers and rail locomotives, to give a few examples. One of the first production areas is the sawing unit. Round and flat steel stock, mostly tempered steel supplied as bar material, is cut to precise lengths. The high-grade materials are very hard to cut. Since December 2014, a KASTOtec FC 4 automatic band sawing machine made by the sawing and storage technology specialist siti di incontri bolzano bakeca incontri milano coppie KASTO has been in operation here. The saws in use before that time were unable to meet the increasing demands on cutting performance. The company didn’t take long to discover KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG. With the KASTOtec FC 4, KASTO offers a solution which is perfect for jobs of this kind. With its cutting range of 430 millimetres and smallest cutting dimension of 10 x 10 millimetres, it can efficiently handle materials of different diameters. Moreover, the added feature KASTO Performance Cutting (KPC) makes the saw suitable for using carbide saw blades. “KPC includes a number of measures to improve the guidance of the saw blade, to prevent vibration and to optimise damping of the sawing tool”, explains Sönke Krebber, head of strategic predevelopment at KASTO. “For example, vibration is effectively damped by a pair of spring-loaded guides on the return blade, ensuring quieter operation”.

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incontri ragazze taranto The KASTOvertical semi-automatic vertical band sawing machine manufactured by annunci bakeca incontri torino cercare nuovi amici KASTO is dedicated to those companies that focus on toolmaking, steel processing and special machining tasks. Its ability to make longitudinal cuts allows one to saw square or flat materials with different cross sections from small rolled blocks or rolled plates. The machine is also ideal for efficient cutting of test strips. The KASTOvertical has a cutting depth of up to 680 mm and a cutting height of 600 mm. The maximum cutting length is 1,260 mm. It can efficiently saw all commonly used materials, including those that are very hard to machine, at a high level of quality. Its robust welded structure ensures quiet operation and precision. The saw has a movable material support table with a height of 1,150 mm, allowing fast and safe handling of bulky workpieces with weights of up to two tonnes. In contrast to conventional machines for making longitudinal cuts, which have stationary tables and a moving saw head, the KASTOvertical has a movable material support table. Thanks to this special feature, users can position, align and anchor the material outside the machine’s working area, and these tasks can be done safely, easily and quickly. The table and its guide have a cast-iron structure to cope with the rough conditions encountered in everyday operation. Support rails with T-slots allow quick and secure clamping of workpieces, and they are suitable for a wide range of clamping and fastening devices. Linear guides with zero-play carriages guide the material support table on the machine bed. They are driven by a ball screw spindle with servomotor, which comes as standard.

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sito incontri completamente gratis The metal sawing and storage technology specialist donna cerca uomo a milano incontri donna a roma KASTO has introduced an app for easy management of its sawing machines to the market. With their smartphones or tablets, users can query and monitor the status of their machines at any time and from anywhere on the company premises. If necessary, they can respond right away. The KASTOapp clearly shows all the important information at a glance. The new KASTOapp displays the status of all KASTO sawing machines in the network that are equipped with the EasyControl or ExpertControl systems. It indicates whether they are in automatic or manual mode, reports malfunctions and shows if a tool change is taking place. For each saw, the user can see the name, machine number and type at a glance. In addition, if a saw is running in automatic mode, the KASTOapp can access its control system. This gives the user exact information on all relevant parameters, such as the material, cutting length, target and actual quantity, feed rate and cutting speed. If a malfunction occurs, the app presents a graphic visualisation of the corresponding error message so that the user can react quickly. Downtimes are thus reduced to a minimum. The KASTOapp has a clear and simple structure for easy use.

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uomo cerca donna perugia cerco amante uomo sito web gratis per sempre KASTO has brought out the KASTOmicut range of highly versatile swing-frame band saws for use in workshops. The machines are specially designed for cutting tubes, sections and solid materials to length and for mitre cutting. They feature high cutting accuracy and cutting quality, plus excellent value for money. Users can choose among four model variants depending on the features required. The KASTOmicut series is the successor to the KASTOpractical and KASTOfunctional series. The band saws have a cutting range of 260 mm for round stock and 310 x 260 mm for flat stock. Mitre cuts are possible from -45 to +60 degrees. The mitre angle is continuously adjustable, as is the cutting speed, which can be set from 20 to 120 metres per minute. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for users and allows work with many different materials. A torsionally rigid, vibration-damped cast iron frame provides extremely good support for the saw blade, ensuring excellent cutting quality even with difficult-to-cut materials. With its cutting accuracy of 0.1 mm per 100 mm of material height, the KASTOmicut is extremely precise. The shortest possible cutting length is only 6 mm, and with a residual length of 15 mm for individual cut-off pieces (and 40 mm for automatic operation) users can make maximum use of their material. A highly efficient spur gear mechanism provides top performance and the sophisticated design ensures a constant cutting force for excellent results with all materials. Other advantages include compact dimensions and high accessibility: the saw can be easily picked up by a lift truck or forklift and positioned as needed.

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eventi per single In BI-MU, annunci roma donna incontri donna brescia KASTO ha presentato diversi modelli di segatrici: la segatrice a nastro automatica KASTOwin tube A 5.0, le segatrici automatiche KASTOwin A 3.3 e KASTOwin A 8.6 e le segatrici circolari automatiche ad alte prestazioni KASTOspeed abbinate al robot KASTOsort.

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annunci ragazze vicenza siti di vendita online ragazze a verona KASTO Maschinenbau will be showcasing its products and services at Metalex in Bangkok, held from 23 to 26 November 2016. Visitors to the trade exhibition for machine tools and metalworking, one of the largest in South-East Asia, will be able to get a first-hand impression of the expertise of this German company, which has had a branch office in Singapore since last year. Two years ago, for example, KASTO successfully launched its KASTOwin line of economical multipurpose band saws. These machines feature a comprehensive range of standard equipment and excellent value for money. They are ideal for use in areas such as mechanical engineering, tool-making and the steel and automotive industries. KASTO is continually expanding this series. The KASTOwin is now available with a movable material support table for heavy workpieces and in a special version for machining tubular material. The latest model is the KASTOwin pro AC 5.6, a high-performance band saw that is optimised for use with bimetallic and carbide blades, ensuring short cutting times and a long tool life.

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bakeca annunci personali como At AMB 2016, bakeca annunci ragazze incontri con donne napoli KASTO showed its innovative line of products for machining and storing bar stock and sheet metal. All storage systems sold by KASTO are optionally available with an energy recovery system and an integrated energy storage unit. The system can convert surplus energy, such as that produced in braking of a gantry crane or lowering of lifting gear, into electricity and store it temporarily for later use as needed. This reduces the electricity costs for operation of the storage system while at the same time improving the mains quality because power is drawn more continuously. At AMB, KASTO demonstrated its expertise with a UNITOWER tower storage system that is equipped with energy recovery. During the fair, KASTO presented also a premiere: its newly developed high-performance band sawing machine for efficient use of bimetallic and carbide blades, which is distinguished by short cutting times and long tool life. But the company also displayed long-used solutions. Its KASTOspeed high-performance automatic circular saws are designed for cost-effective volume production and are renowned for their reliability and excellent results during continuous operation. They can also be integrated with little trouble in a controlled, end-to-end material flow by means of the KASTOsort robot interface. Depending on the properties of the material, HSS or disposable carbide saw blades are used. The KASTOsort robot interface makes it possible to optimise the production processes. Industrial robots remove the cut parts automatically and carry out other tasks such as deburring, marking, sorting and stacking. KASTO also displayed its KASTOvertical semi-automatic vertical band sawing machine for longitudinal cutting. It can cut square or flat materials with different cross sections from rolled blocks or rolled plates.

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incontri donna cerca uomo vicenza bakeca di incontri speed dating roma KASTO ha esteso il suo portafoglio di prodotti introducendo sul mercato la segatrice a nastro completamente automatica KASTOwin F 10.6. Grazie alla tavola mobile di supporto in dotazione con la macchina, viene assicurato un facile e sicuro posizionamento di particolari pesanti e voluminosi come profilati, utensili di grande dimensione e alberi.

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single milano community Un range di macchine versatili, robuste ed economiche in grado di soddisfare un ampio spettro di applicazioni nell’ambito della segatura. Queste sono le peculiarità che hanno reso così popolari le segatrici KASTOwin, che hanno fatto la loro comparsa sul mercato nel 2014. Per ampliare il ventaglio delle possibili applicazioni e per semplificare le operazioni di carico di particolari di grandi dimensioni che possono risultare spesso difficoltose, KASTO ha ampliato la sua famiglia di prodotti con la segatrice KASTOwin F 10.6. Con un campo di lavoro di 1.000 x 1.060 mm, è adesso disponibile con una tavola mobile di supporto per il carico di materiali. La segatrice KASTOwin F 10.6 è destinata a soddisfare soprattutto le esigenze di chi lavora l’acciaio, di chi lo produce, e in generale degli attrezzisti su larga scala. Sulla tavola mobile è possibile ad esempio caricare con estrema semplicità e affidabilità profilati, stampi permanenti o materiali con geometrie pre-forgiate, in linea con le richieste degli odierni processi produttivi.

conoscere donne per amicizia Tavola con movimento longitudinale
La tavola in dotazione con la segatrice KASTOwin F 10.6 è in grado di gestire una lunghezza massima di 2.600 mm, una corsa di 3.700 mm e un carico massimo fino a 18 t. La velocità di avanzamento è di 3 m/min, sempre assicurando un posizionamento accurato. La tavola si muove in senso longitudinale grazie alla presenza di due guide lineari, ognuna equipaggiata con quattro cuscinetti volventi lineari lubrificati. Una vite senza ricircolo di sfere privo di gioco assicura un avanzamento preciso, mentre un dispositivo orizzontale di tipo serraggio idraulico è installato all’uscita della segatrice così da reggere il fissaggio del pezzo. Come tutti i modelli appartenenti alla serie KASTOwin, anche KASTOwin F 10.6 si contraddistingue per l’elevata rigidità, grazie al basamento in acciaio, per l’accuratezza di taglio pari a ± 0,1 mm per 100 millimetri di lunghezza di taglio, e per la velocità di taglio che può arrivare sino a 150 m/min. Per soddisfare le più diverse esigenze di utilizzo, in dotazione con questo modello di segatrice, KASTO fornisce una vasta gamma di accessori, come ad esempio dispositivi di allineamento, un laser, un dispositivo orizzontale di serraggio sulla tavola, supporti con piastre di usura e un telecomando a infrarossi. Inoltre, le segatrici possono essere equipaggiate con una varietà di battute, sistemi di allineamento e dispositivi di serraggio.

annunci personali a novara Inaugurata una filiale a Singapore
Recentemente KASTO ha inaugurato una succursale a Singapore. Oltre alla sua sede principale ad Achern-Gamshurst, la società possiede filiali a Schalkau in Thuringia e delle succursali in Inghilterra, Francia e Stati Uniti. Singapore rappresenta l’ultima aggiunta a questa lista. “È dal 1991 che siamo attivi nel Sud-Est asiatico, ed è da anni che abbiamo molti fedeli clienti in quei Paesi - da Singapore alla Malesia, alla Tailandia,” ci spiega Armin Stolzer, general manager di KASTO, azienda a conduzione familiare arrivata ormai alla quinta generazione di dirigenti. “Inoltre, sta diventando un importante mercato in crescita. Ci è sembrato sensato istituire una succursale qui, per rafforzare la nostra posizione”. “La nostra sede ha un’eccellente infrastruttura, e siamo molto vicini a tutti gli altri Paesi nel Sud-Est asiatico”, sottolinea l’Area Sales Director David Van Loo. “Qui abbiamo un accesso incredibile al mercato”. Un’altra ragione per istituire la succursale è stata quella di fornire dei servizi migliori: “Gli utilizzatori delle nostre segatrici e dei nostri sistemi per lo stoccaggio si aspettano da noi un servizio veloce, completo e personalizzato. E ora espanderemo questo network”. La nuova succursale di KASTO si trova all’interno del German Centre Singapore, un centro uffici e direzionale per aziende tedesche.  A detta di Stolzer, KASTO realizza circa il 50% dei suoi ricavi all’estero. L’azienda sta perseguendo un’ampia strategia di internazionalizzazione, per poter ottenere un’ulteriore crescita globale. “Il potenziale di espansione è particolarmente alto in Asia,” conclude. “Vogliamo sfruttare al meglio questa opportunità grazie alla nostra nuova succursale”.

sito incontro gratis cercasi uomo ricco Highest Reliability to Process Heavy and Large Workpieces

KASTO is extending its product portfolio with the KASTOwin F 10.6 fully automatic band sawing machine, now available with a moveable material support table. This makes it possible to feed in and position heavy, bulky stock such as ingots, large tools or offset shafts easily and reliably.

A versatile, robust and economical standard solution for a wide range of sawing applications; these are the properties that have made the KASTOwin series of band saws, which were first launched in 2014, extremely popular. To expand the range of possible applications and simplify the sometimes laborious task of handling large workpieces, KASTO has decided to extend this product family: the KASTOwin F 10.6, which has a cutting range of 1,000 x 1,060 millimetres, is now available with a moveable material support table. The saw is particularly suitable for steel manufacturers, steel traders and large-scale toolmakers. Using the table, it is possible to feed, for example, ingots, permanent moulds or materials with pre-forged geometries simply and reliably in a way that meets process requirements.

siti di incontri italia bakeca it donna cerca uomo The table is moved in the longitudinal direction
The support length of the table of KASTOwin F 10.6 is 2,600 millimetres, while the table has a travel distance of 3,700 millimetres and a bearing capacity of up to 18 tonnes. It can travel at a speed of up to three metres per minute – and do so with exceptional positional accuracy. The table is moved in the longitudinal direction by two linear guides, each equipped with four lubricated linear roller bearings. Precision feed is achieved by means of a zero-play ball screw spindle, while a hydraulic horizontal vice mounted on the outfeed side of the saw band holds the workpiece in place. Like all the models in the KASTOwin range, the saw excels thanks to its robust steel construction, a cutting accuracy of ±0.1 millimetres per 100 millimetres of cutting length, as well as cutting speeds of up to 150 metres per minute. To respond to special requirements, KASTO offers an extensive range of accessories for the KASTOwin F 10.6. This includes a laser to depict the projected cutting trajectory, a travelling hydraulic horizontal vice at the end of the table, support surfaces with wearing plates and infrared remote control. A wide range of individual stop, alignment and clamping devices are also available for the saw.

siti di incontro online gratis A New Subsidiary in Singapore
Recently KASTO has opened a subsidiary in Singapore. In addition to its main plant in Achern-Gamshurst, the company has a branch in Schalkau, Thuringia, plus subsidiaries in England, France and the USA. Singapore is the latest addition. “We’ve been active in Southeast Asia since 1991 and have had many loyal customers here for years, from Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand”, explains Armin Stolzer, general manager of KASTO, the family-owned company which is now being run by the fifth generation. “In addition, the region has become increasingly important as a growth market. For us, it made good sense to establish a subsidiary here in order to strengthen our position”.
“Our location has an excellent infrastructure and we’re very close to all the other countries in Southeast Asia”, Area Sales Director David Van Loo emphasises. “Here we have excellent access to the market”. Another reason for establishing the subsidiary was to provide better service: “The operators of our sawing and storage systems expect quick, comprehensive and personal service from the manufacturer. We’re now going to expand this network”. The new subsidiary is located in the German Centre Singapore, an office and business centre for German companies. According to general manager Stolzer, KASTO achieves about 50 percent of its revenues abroad. The company is pursuing an extensive internationalisation strategy in order to achieve further worldwide growth. “The potential is especially big in Asia”, he concludes. “We want to take better advantage of it with our new subsidiary”.

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cerco amore vero gratis kasto05With the compact UNIBLOC stacking cradle system dove incontrare donne incontri annunci brindisi KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is offering a cost-effective alternative for all storage needs when low to medium access frequencies are required and it does not pay to install a highly dynamic, fully automatic bar storage system. It is suitable for transporting and storing bar stock, sheet metal and other bulky goods with lengths of 3 to 24 metres. Thanks to its simple operation and handling, the system provides quick access to stored goods and can restack them efficiently. Rational storage, order picking and processing of profiles, tubes and beams often plays an important role in steel trading companies and metal processing centres. Here, traditional floor storage has distinct disadvantages with regard to speed and storage density, while on the other hand fully automatic storage systems are expensive to buy and are simply too big for many users. With the UNIBLOC stacking cradle system, saw and storage specialists KASTO therefore have an interesting alternative in their range for all storage needs when low to medium access frequencies are required. The UNIBLOC system stores tubes, bars, steel beams and other bar stock on sturdy, precision-welded cradle pairs. These have a working load of up to six tonnes and can be stacked on top of one another, making better use of the available space.  

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